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Each Organize with Leila! project includes:
    • A complete needs assessment.
    • A customized organizing plan.
    • Your choice of hands-on help or independent services.
    • Recommendations for organizing products.
    • Resources for distributing any excess.
    • Follow up and maintenance support.

Our Services
Comprehensive Estate Organizing:
     • Complete start-to-finish support.

     • Management of all estate projects.
     • Assessment and appraisal of a loved one’s valuables.
     • Distribution of possessions to family, art/antique dealers, charities.
     • Home repairs, staging, final clean up.

Home Organizing:
    • De-Cluttering help

    • Paper and office systems
    • Closet, kitchen and garage storage solutions
    • Space planning and design
    • Maintenance skills
    • Periodic refresher sessions

Downsizing support and advice:
    • Help deciding what to keep, sell or discard

    • Support for physical and emotional issues of change
    • Hands-on support for disposal of excess
    • Planning for smaller living and storage space

Preparation for home sale:
    • De-cluttering, updating and rearranging

    • Design support
    • Clean out and disposition of valuables

Organizing workshops:
    • Organizing and time-management seminars
    • Lunch-and-Learn classes

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